Introductory Blog Entry

Introductory blog entry. I hope to utilize this blog as a means of discussing and tackling various topics related to the allied medical courses from the eyes of a fresh Nursing graduate/Red Cross Safety Services volunteer.

Medicine is a vast subject to discuss and has countless branches. The first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the term is the structured series of steps in managing and treating patients in a hospital setting with doctors in their shimmering white lab coats and nurses carrying various medical equipment hurriedly wandering around. While that may be true, medicine and its allied medical sub-specializations are not limited to the four corners of our medical institutions. Here in the Philippines, Community Health is a major focus of our medical professionals. This due to the fact that there are communities in locations so remote that reaching a hospital may take hours. We have emergency medical care, a field which specializes in outside disaster and accident situations. Home clinics are also a mainstay when it comes to private practice.

When I say medicine, I don’t just mean the practice of the MD’s. I am referring to the whole enchilada. The practice of doctors, nurses, medical and radiological technicians, etc. It doesn’t matter in what practice you are in, our main goals are still the same: help the patients, preserve life.